Gardening education comes in many forms and from a variety of sources. The Garden Club typically sponsors a topic of gardening interest at each monthly membership meeting. These take the form of guest speakers, panel discussion or question and answer sessions on a particular gardening topic. The Club also offers day tours and field trips throughout the year combining educational experiences with a little social interaction and fun. Please refer to the Calendar for dates, times and subjects.

Additionally, structured gardening classes are sponsored throughout the year by a variety of organizations in the Phoenix metro area. Many are local to Sun City and neighboring communities and are offered free to the public. Most require advance registration. Other programs are offered through Life Long Learning organizations, local community colleges and universities. Following are a few links to our most popular community websites.

Maricopa Master Gardener Program. A formal course of instruction presented by the University of Arizona Maricopa County Extension Service:

Free area gardening classes sponsored by AMWUA:

Check out events and classes for our neighboring communities by following the link:



Phoenix metro:

Get news, growing tips, and future sale information from Sun Country Iris Society by following this link:


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